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Ahhhh!! It was fantastic!! Love love love!!! So evil to have to wait for another year for the next bit!!!

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Right so I have lots of fanfics going on in my head but not much going on paper...I need to sort out what I have to write so you guys will just have to bear with my incredibly boring post (even more boring than my usual boring posts!!) so that I can sort out what I have to do....as I think maybe putting them up here may push me to complete them....

Challenge Drabbles from ChaosBayne (no I haven't forgotten!!)

Angeal/Tifa - in progress


Genesis/Tifa - in progress





Oh and the two Sirius/Hermione smut stories I have for mrs_remus!!!

Other Stories

New Chapter for Virus HML (My Zack/Tifa story)

Unnamed Project - Harry Potter/LOTR crossover (Hermione/Legolas)

Lycan Family Ties - A new plot bunny I have started to flesh out for the Harry Potter fandom (Will be a Harry/Hermione story)

Run - Another plot bunny I am working on...will be a Remus Hermione story

Rain - possible one-shot Harry/Hermione story

Hmmm...this list almost seems doable now....If anyone wants to know more about anything I'm working on feel free to ask :D

Alive?...Yes, yes I am!

Hello children!

I live! Yes I know shocking. I have moved yet another 3000 kilometers across the countryside back to my hometown as I was unable to find work in the three months we lived at the last place I was in. :) We have just moved into a granny flat and hopefully I will have some work soon!

I'm a bit stuck with my story Virus HML at the moment..I've written part of a chapter but I'm not happy with it...blah. I'm also being inundated with plot bunnies all over the shop. I write them out to try and get back to my main story and then more attack me...It's mental...I have a new laptop now so hopefully I will find my mojo again...*le sigh*

Right so, I hope everyone has been well! And that I have something more interesting to write about soon....I have volunteered to be Secretary for my hockey club so that shall be interesting...

Tiny Obsession

I've got a tiny tiny obsession at the moment with the Junjou Romantica anime. It's so cute! I've only got three more episodes to watch though so I'm sad about that. I'm going to watch Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi next though. Anyone got any recommendations for animes in the same thread as those two?

Otherwise I'm still looking for full time work. I've got a three week temp job at the moment with the local newspaper and I'm going to meet the head photographer sometime this week so fingers crossed that will go well.

I'm also working on my Zack Tifa fanfiction as well as playing indoor soccer and summer hockey :).

Hope everyone is well out there.

Fanfiction - Virus HML

So I'm writing again. I've just recently put up a Prologue for a new story I'm working on called Virus HML. It's going to be an AU Zack Tifa story. And if anyone would like to check it out, here's the link http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8438358/1/Virus_HML and the summary is below.

Holy and Meteor collided. The world has changed and is now a post apocalypse wasteland. The combination of Holy and Meteor hit the tainted Lifestream releasing an unusual strain of virus. In some people the virus can be mutated, changed and adapted to improve the individual. In others it has a fatal effect. Survivors align themselves with warring factions under the illusion of safety. There are few independent settlements.


So I'm still alive. I'm still looking for work. My husband is working away at the moment. He's been gone for two weeks now and will probably be away for another 2 more at least. Meh. 

I have an interview next week at a temp agency so hopefully I will get some temp work to bring in some more money and we can find a place to live. Would be good to get my tax return back too. Hopefully I will get some back this year...or a lot. Would be nice to pay off my credit card and use some for our bond. Buuut I dunno. I might loose most of it to HECS fees. *le sigh*

I'm applying for so much work at the moment. And varied work too. I'm trying for an Communication Technician apprenticeship with a local electricity company. Which I think would be interesting :) and different. I think I need to get out of Admin and try something else. I like working with stuff and I need a challenge. Admin is good and all but I get bored so easily. I need something that is going to be challenging.

Otherwise I have not been doing much of anything. Indoor Mixed Soccer on Monday nights, and I really should start running again. It might put my sleeping cycle back to normal. I'm so slack...lol.


Hello all,

Have you missed me? LOL. I've been so busy lately. My husband and I have just driven over 3000 kilometres across the country to move interstate. I'm now looking for work, and am looking into going back to uni next year to study Medical Science :). Fingers crossed I can get in. 

We are staying with friends at the moment which is cool. The husband has a job already. Yay! So now I have to pick up the slack.

Will update more later!


I was reading a blog about being an adult. It's strange when I think about it as I know I'm technically an adult. I have the whole responsibilities thing, I work, I pay my bills etc etc. I don't have children but that's ok. However I really don't feel like an adult. I feel like I'm masquerading, really I'm a kid with an adult mask on.

At my age my mum had already had me and was pregnant with my brother and my parents had built a house together. My husband and I have been married for nearly three years, we are in the process of moving interstate yet again but we don't have a house or kids. We have a bird but that's about it. I still enjoy playing playstation and writing and reading fanfiction. I make jokes and mess around and want to travel and do all sorts of things. But I really don't feel like an adult.

Maybe this doesn't make sense or whatever. Mostly I think it's just word salad. But does anyone else feel this way? Trapped in the body of an adult? I feel like I should be settling down and being serious...but sometimes I just really like to watch cartoons and eat junk food....


I'm still aliiiiveee!!

Never fear all I'm still here. Just been on holidays for my bestie's wedding :D. Now I'm back and freezing cold and am going to be moving there instead of my hometown. Ah, so fun. I just have to tell my bosses next week. Eeep. They aren't going to be happy but oh well.

It was good week away. Got to watch some anime, yay! My bestie's new husband is like my long lost twin, seriously. Anime fan and gamer and we are gonna cosplay Final Fantasy VII. Yay!

So while I was there we watched two thirds of Kenichi and the first three eps of Full Metal Alchemist (which I am now seriously addicted to.) We also watched the movie Versus (love it), The Forbidden Kingdom and Zombieland. In between going to wedding things and catching up of course. Never long enough though. *le sigh*

So this weekend will be sorting out stuff and hopefully catching up and clearing my head from the cobwebs I feel like I have. The plan is to finishing retouching some photos from a model photoshoot I did earlier this year and to work a little on some projects for work and do some quotes for some more photography work I need to do.

Hope all of you lovelies are well.

Here's a public service announcement all. Take notes, coz one day this list will help you to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Rule Number 1 - Don't Get Bit!

Major rule right there. Don't get bit. Not by anything. We have all seen viruses jump from one animal to another. There is no reason to think that you can only get zombie-fied through a human bite. Anything can be a carrier. Best to be safe than sorry. You see anything acting weird or unusual, either kill it or run like hell and hope that they are slow moving zombies, not the super speedy ones.

Rule Number 2 - Tell Someone If You Get Bit.

If you get bit, it's only polite to tell someone you got bit. Make sure you tell them early enough that they can make plans for you. It doesn't end well for others if you are being selfish and you end up the same way anyway. All you've done is lessen the chances of the human race being able to repopulate. If you do get bit and are in a position to take out some zombies as well as yourself. Do it. It's an apocalypse, we all need to make sacrifices.

Rule Number 3 - Remember Zombie-fied Loved Ones Aren't The Same

Once they have had their last human breath, your friends/family are no longer there. They are now a zombie and they will eat your brain if you are there. Uncle Bob is no longer Uncle Bob but Zombie. He's not going to stop just coz you think he might remember you. That brain is focused on one thing and one thing only, eating more brains, and yours is looking mighty tasty right about now.

Rule Number 4 - Aim For The Head

This rule is the most important. Aim for the Head, anywhere else and you are wasting bullets, or energy. Headshot or it doesn't count and usually your weapon will jam up at the most inopportune times. If you don't have a gun, use anything you can, just destroy that brain, yo!

These are four really, really important rules of the Zombie Apocalypse. We will cover more as we go along.